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New Moon, New Objectives

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The lunar cycle consists of 8 phases. The first phase is that of the new moon; it is the moment in which the moon is between the sun and the Earth; this is what happens these days!

It is called "new" moon and it marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and for this reason it is considered to represent a new beginning for many of us (especially for those who feel the moon cycle).

The days of the "new moon" are therefore the ideal time to set new goals and new beginnings.

I suggest a few easy rituals to make the most of this New Moon:

1. Purify your home of negative energies: let sage sticks or Palo Santo burn.

2. Take a purifying bath: hot water + 1 kg of coarse salt

3. Set new goals for the next month, visualize them, write them down in a notebook. Ideally, find pictures that correspond to what you want and stick them next to what you have written down.

4. Thank the Universe for all that you already have!

Happy New Moon to you all!

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