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The 2022 Taroscope is ready!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Do you want to have an idea of what 2022 has in store for you? Here is a hint based on my Tarot de Marseille reading!


Those born under the Aries sign will find themselves with an action-packed 2022. Many will be able to reach the goals that they had pending for a long time such as a new job or even a new love if they will finally have the courage to do it! The Tarot card for Aries in 2022 is The Chariot. It symbolizes the spiritual journey, the plane that transcends the physical and material. In the face of a year of such ambition, to succeed it is necessary that Aries people remain connected to their true selves.


This 2022 will be a karmic year for those born under the Taurus sign. Many will make unexpected changes in their lives, quitting their jobs or ending emotional ties. It is possible that many changes will be impulsive and sudden, so The Emperor will help them maintain order, structure, and stability, especially with their finances.


2022 will be a year in which Gemini-born will meet new people. Many will find love, so it is a matter of time to see if it transcends into a stable bond in their lives. The Tarot card for Gemini in 2022 is The Judgement, a card that represents good luck and opportunities. Trips, invitations, proposals, and declarations of love will come along the way: be ready!


Those born under the Cancer sign will live a challenging 2022 and in order to manage things in the best possible manner, they will need to change their perception of things.

Their Tarot card is The Hanged Man, who will force them to see things under another perspective in order to best connect with their emotions, clarify doubts and be guided by their intuition before those matters that concern them. But remember: instead of changing things or people, change the vision you have of them.


2022 will be a pivotal year for Leos who will experience changes in their professional and personal sphere.

It is therefore important for them to remain cool in the face of change: no need to scream or shout, no need to fight. They must behave like The Hermit who advances slowly in the night only thanks to the light of his lantern which allows him to see where to move his steps, but not much further. Go slowly, Leo…change will come your way in any case, no need to fight it.


Virgos will enjoy this new year, which will be blessed with peace and stability. Virgos will be able to reflect calmly on what has happened since 2019 and decide what they want for their future. This why the Tarot card for Virgo in 2022 is The Magician: a true independent soul, a CEO, and entrepreneur. This card symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and willpower. In 2022, Virgo will take charge of its life and will be able to find growth.


Many Libras will break free from all those structures that they feel belong to the past, whether it concerns relationships , friendships, jobs.

Their Tarot card for 2022 is The Judge: a wise man who will help them gain enough courage to feel free, whilst advancing towards what they truly want and have put aside for much to long. In 2022, Libras will be perceived as leaders more than ever before!


Scorpios will live an intense 2022. Changes, hidden truths, and new relationships will show up and they will change their life forever. Scorpio's Tarot card for 2022 is The Wheel of Fortune : a wheel that turns and that in 2022 will help Scorpio take chances. This card also represent personal growth as long as we are being true to ourselves.


A fun year awaits the people of Sagittarius. In this 2022 they will show off for their good humor and cheerful personality. It will overall be a prosperous year. For those who wish to embark on new adventures, discover their artistic side or polish their hobbies, the Tarot card of The Empress will suit them very well as it represents fun, creativity, and good energies. This will also be a good year to start a family and / or build a house.


Capricorn will formalize their ties during 2022. After so much work it will be time for them to relax and enjoy their friends and family. No matter what, they will be under their lucky Star and this will help them rid of rigid structures and routines. In spite of Covid (hopefully it will soon be over) Capricorns will be able to travel and socialize easily with new people and new cultures. In any case Capricorns do not need to worry, nor to overthink things: they are protected and lucky in 2022!


For Aquarius this new year will be the ideal time to change all that needs to be changed in order to reach out for what they truly want and work for what they intend to be their ideal life. Aquarius' Tarot card for 2022 is The Strength, as it will give them enough strength to fully engage and lead the pursuit of their personal desires. This card provides great willpower and courage to transform themselves. Determination and focus are the key words to your success.


Pisces will be the winners of this 2022 and they will be lucky from the beginning of the year. The Universe will offer them infinite opportunities and it will allow them to feel grateful for all the blessings they will receive. This cards also brings harmony and a sense of belonging (a new home?) and Pisces will be able to enjoy fully their good fortune.

Wishing all of the Signs a wonderful Year ahead!


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