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Tarot Reading via phone – how I tend to proceed.

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

During a telephone Tarot reading, I usually tend to proceed in three stages (unless the consultant calls me just for a simple question).

The first step is to do a first draw without asking the consultant too many questions. I will simply explain what the Tarot tells me about his/her present situation, doubts and eventual blockages. This allows me to verify that the "connection" between the two of us has been made.

Then I ask the consultant what question he/she would like to ask and I make the appropriate draw and interpret it.

I then propose a final reading centered on the consultant so that he/she can leave with enought elements, advice (that the Tarot gives) and a perspective of evolution that will make of the consultant an actor and not just a spectator on his/her life.

Finally I send the consultant pictures (via WhatsApp) of the draws that came for him/her, together with a voice message giving an overall explanation . In this manner, the indications given by the Tarot will accompany the consultant during the days and weeks that follow.

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