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Sofia's Taroscope for the month of December.


During the month of December, your social life will keep you busy only between Christmas and the New Year. Otherwise, work will be your priority and - considering that there will be a lot to do - you may soon feel exhausted. Take advantage of the weekends to rest otherwise you'll burn out!


The month will be a happy one in terms of job and career; you are finally laying the foundations for a successful 2023!


It will be a good month concerning matters of the heart: things start to improve day by day and even more so starting from December 24th !


This is a good time for those who wish to create their own business or company. However, you will have to carefully consider budget and situation before doing so.


At work, there will be some changes. Be prepared to deal with them and start to consider for alternative work opportunities.


You can start making plans for the future, but beware: it's not yet the right time to act! Hence fly under the radar and keep things to yourself.


Family and home are the focus of your attention. This could be the first New Year's Eve you spend alone with your family at home.


December will be a lucky month and you'll probably feel the need to start a new professional venture. Seize this opportunity because things could go well soon!


At work, everything will be fine. December will be a perfect month to come up with new projects and you'll enjoy doing so. In love, Christmas might bring some adventures to pencil down in your secret agenda!


You won't have time to relax this month. So start assessing more realistically what is going on around you and draw the conclusions that will be a recipe for the future. Avoid wasting time on people who don't deserve it.


Now is the time to accept who you are and define what you want. This is how you will attract many people to you, among whom there will be a particularly interesting one! Keep me posted!


All those unmarried who are secretly considering marriage should take the appropriate steps to build their future! An essential role will be played by those (or lovers) of the sign of Cancer or Capricorn.

Happy month to you all and follow me on Instagram for regular updates!

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