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July 31st 2022: Uranus-North Node Conjunction 2022. What to expect?

This is the very first time that these two celestial entities have aligned in the sign Taurus since 180 C.E., and the next time, this will happen during the year 2357.

This is, therefore, undoubtedly one of the most important astrological events of 2022 because it hasn’t happened in centuries and will not happen again anytime sooner.

When Uranus and the North Node of Destiny align on July 31, we may collectively experience weird, strange and unexpected shifts on the world stage. Initially, these shifts may feel so unsettling that you might believe there’s a glitch in the matrix. As Uranus meets the North Node, people may be pushed out of their comfort zone and compelled to find new ways of growing and sustaining themselves, says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist.

Taurus represents money, and Uranus is the representative of investments. Since Uranus is anything but predictable, the stock market crash was just as shocking as it was unexpected. Now that Uranus has made its way back into Taurus, closing in on a conjunction with the North Node of Destiny. There’s a high chance of another stock market crash shortly. Another possibility could be that Uranus changes how we treat our finances and investments. The emergence of NFTs, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency has clarified that money in the modern world has been getting a makeover.

This planetary alignment also indicates some of the evolutionary changes that may occur. This conjunction would be coincident with retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter; hence the time lead to uncertain predictabilities. Here’s how the Uranus-North Node Conjunction will affect you.


Money will keep coming and going. Therefore, you should try to avoid the concerns of the material realm and put less emphasis on how your bank statement looks these days. The moment you separate yourself from the monetary restrictions that have constantly been dwelling in your mind, the more confident you will grow as you start to believe in your spiritual core. If you make your self-worth dependent on how much cash you have, it will always depend on something unreliable.


It’s time to show the world your new version. Some people may say that your personality is quirkier than ever. Still, you’re evolving into a spiritual and altruistic person connected to the universe's rhythms. You should be okay with it, even if it’s making you look weird. Don’t hesitate to allow yourself to be your best and shine just because it makes people uncomfortable, especially those who can’t relate to your newfound spiritual and transcendent knowledge and appreciate it. Right now, being yourself is your actual superpower which will take you to greater heights.


Right now, all that’s dwelling on your mind is transforming the world for the better and helping others. During this game-changing moment in history, you’re expecting to give your all to those in need, which is more than most people are willing to do. There is selflessness and a desire to heal and mend the wounds of the world inside you, which will make you a more compassionate person. With your heart growing and expanding, you will want to give unconditionally without expecting anything in return. However, it’s essential to remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so do not forget to protect your energy when you need to.


You have always wanted a revolution, right! Well, it’s finally here, and you’re the one organising it. It is now time to plan a protest and make your voice heard because embracing humanitarian causes that strike close to home will help in healing your heart in a lot of ways. You can join forces with local community members to showcase a peaceful protest. You can become a significant part of the change in society that you’re looking for by being proactive, especially if you’re willing to introduce yourself to people who share similar concerns and drift away from social circles that inhibit your efforts.


The periphery of your career is changing, meaning that you are currently in a state of flux professionally. Allow yourself to embrace the growth that is presently happening at work. New avenues for you to explore and discover are making themselves visible, so embrace your desire to work harder towards a goal than ever before. If your success is dependent on your ability to stay focused, disciplined and driven, then it’s time for you to find what keeps you motivated and never look back. Even if your life doesn’t feel successful, trust that you’re well on your way there because you are.


If there’s one thing that’s very true about you, it’s that no one can label you basic. The opposite is what is true. Right now, you’re trying to come to terms with some of the unique and creative ways how to express yourself. You need to get out of your shell and explore the world. There are innumerable adventures, people to meet and things to do. You can plan a trip to far-off places, taste exotic flavours that excite your senses and embrace new experiences with open arms. Open your mind to everything simultaneously, and learn to embrace your journey.


Likely, an abundance of money may unexpectedly come your way. And if it does, that money has come to you for a fundamental reason. You could receive an inheritance, money from the government or a raise in your wages out of the blue. It could be anything. The flip side is that you can blow through the cash fast, which is why it’s advisable to stick to a budget for the meantime, so you do not spend it lavishly. And if you want to treat yourself to some high-priced luxury goods, make sure you have a clear vision as to why this purchase is necessary and how it will benefit you. You needto put your money where your mouth is.


Unfortunately, you will likely be stuck in a never-ending cycle of on and off-again friendships or relationships. And while these patterns can be complicated to break, don’t forget that no other zodiac sign does transformation as well as you do. Think of your love life as a never-ending adventure. Things may initiate, then be on pause, then restart and dissipate again, only to pick up speed when you least anticipate it. The most appropriate way to handle the emotional roller coaster is to have fun at the moment and not worry too much because these romantic shakeups are teaching you a lot about love.


It’s time to throw way structure and your daily planner out of the window. Fortunately, you’re not one to need routine because you’re wild and untethered. Your everyday schedule is based around the time you decide to get out of bed and go to sleep. You tend to go with the flow more than following a strict itinerary. You might also feel the need to schedule a meeting at odd times, but that doesn’t mean you’re disorganised.


You’re more suitable to take calculated risks than to wager unpredictable bets. You are urged to take a leap of faith more than ever and invest in the stock market or gamble on your full hand against the house. Considering all that, it may be time to take a trip to Vegas. The stars are on your side to win. However, if you’re facing trouble fighting against your need for a more measured approach, placing your money in a low-risk bond will still be an intelligent move. You might also discover a whole method for bringing in extra cash.


Right now, the foundation of your life is shifting, and it’s difficult for you to find your footing. The old and outdated ways of seeing the world are becoming irrelevant to you and your personal life. You’re looking for deeper truths and unique ways to make life more exciting. During this time, you may be welcoming new insights that will propel you forward and keep you popular, especially when it comes to the cultural and societal changes that are happening. Just because people have always done things, one way doesn’t mean you have to follow that. You can indeed have your way!


You’re the epitome of creating greatness, and as you move closer to a mind-blowing revelation, you’ll discover something even more divine that inspires your professional visions. Giving rise to a beautiful artistic project at work, one that you didn’t see coming, will give you an energised beginning to achieve even more greatness in your career. Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas, even if it takes people some time to see the merits of your vision. As long as you believe in yourself and everything that you’re formulating and everything you believe in will make you succeed.

This is likely to be a volatile time, so it is advised to look inward to establish own sense of stability and self-reliance. How well we can handle adversity is essential to be understood at this moment.

Image from A 3D beginner & a blender user from China. Twitter: @simonxxoo | 微博: @Simon_阿文

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