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How frequently should one get a Tarot reading?

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Every Tarot reader will have a different answer to how frequently or infrequently one should get a reading. This can vary from reader to reader, and from client to client. Be wary however of a reader that will read on the same question within a few days of the initial reading.

My personal rule of thumb is that at least three weeks should pass between readings when the same issue / question is tackled. This is simply because I want the Tarot cards to change for the consultant upon his/her next reading, showing the growth and progress they have made since their initial reading.

This may not be the case for all clients; some of them only need a check-in once or twice a year, and that works for them.

Of course I am always available and most of all, I am grateful for every single consultant that contacts me. I simply wish to offer the best possible experience with the cards and also give the biggest bang for buck as well!

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