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Tarots are a valid tool that helps bring clarity to the complexity of life, providing information and insights on the decisions we’re facing, or shining a light on options that we might not have considered in our personal and professional life.

What can a Tarot Reading do for you?

Tarots are a precious forecasting method to obtain:

  • Clarity on the present situation

  • Guidance on future steps

  • Support in decision making

Tarots help you build your future.

A tarot card
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Sofia Tarot

​picture © Lea Kloos

My View

Experienced Tarot reader, I began my journey into

the Tarot 22 years ago!


I initially adopted the original Tarot de Marseille deck of Paul Marteau and subsequently I opted for Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck.  Today, I refer to Nicolas Conver's version of theTarot de Marseille for my readings.

Other than a deep knowledge of the Tarot deck, I believe that  transparency, intuition and empathy are key values to being a good Tarologist. These are the values I abide to.

My name is Sofia Burrei.

I have a Masters degree in Political Science  and more than 10 years working  as  personal coach. I live and work in Switzerland.

If you are looking for a guidance or advice

I propose Tarot readings over the phone.

After each reading , I can provide the consultant with

a recording of the reading and the pictures of the draws that came out. This will serve as a reminder of the conversation we had and as guidance  for the days to follow. 

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Tarology / Astrology

When I begin a consultation, I always start by asking the date of birth.

The idea behind astrology is that stars and planets have some influence on human affairs and terrestrial events. 

Horoscopes are an astrologer's predictions about a person's life according to the relative positions of the stars and planets.

Tarology proceeds in a similar manner : the predictions are given according to the relative positions of the Tarot cards once the spread is made.

Astrology derives from the Greek astron 

("star") and -logia, (discussion").

Similiarly, Tarology expresses the concept of having a discussion ("logia") with the Taro ("tarocco").

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